Peppertap Blogger Outreach Program
July 15 - Dec 15

PepperTap aims to be the fastest on-demand grocery delivery service in India that provides convenience, on-time and on-demand delivery to its patrons, along with superlative services and hand-picked products.


PepperTap wanted to raise awareness about the brand. Since the concept of shopping for groceries using an app was fairly new in India, PepperTap wanted to reach out to hundreds of bloggers and have them experience the convenience of app-based grocery shopping.

PepperTap Needed
Our strategy
Brand awareness

Blogger outreach

App download

Blogger outreach


We launched a massive blogger outreach campaign in which we roped in over 122 bloggers. This was a six month long initiative in which prominent bloggers were invited to download the PepperTap app, order stuff online and experience the ease and efficiency of the service. The campaign hugely improved the brand awareness of PepperTap and helped spread the word about its services.


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